Welcome to Guthrie’s Writing Cottage for anyone who loves reading, writing and just plain life.

I’ve been writing blogs for about ten years, but not consistently. I get the bug and blog/write. I lose the bug and leave it for months, if not years. So much to do, books to write, books to edit, books to read, books to review, books to research, and articles to write. (Although, I must admit rotten health and writer’s block leaves my drive and motivation high and dry.) For those of you in any profession, you may appreciate that. 

I’ve seen many websites and blogs with few updates. I think the key here is to to be consistent, keep things interesting, chose a variety of topics and edit-edit-edit. (At least I’ve been told.) 

My main focus on my web/blog site for all to read and enjoy:  Reading, writing, book reviews, and blogs, shared articles, stories, and poems. Discover the religious calendar, although you won’t find me preachy. I’m an independent thinker and hopefully, open minded in most things.

Don’t forget to look at the sidebar under “Tidbits.” You’ll find something new and either educational or entertaining almost every day. 

I hope you find this web/blog enjoyable and useful




“Every experience is potential fodder for a novel.” Patricia A. Guthrie

Patricia A. Guthrie is the author of romantic suspense novels, mysteries, short stories, non-fiction articles and a few poems. She resides in the Chicago area.

Guthrie’s current published novels: Waterlilies Over My Grave, Legacy of Danger, In the Arms of the Enemy, and Eerie Charms of the Short Story are available in prominent online bookstores such as Amazon.com and B&N.com with world wide distribution. Pat is working on a new mystery novel, Matt’s Murder. She hopes to have it published in 2022. She has short stories published on Amazon, Collie Cassette, Affaire du Coeur, Skyline Magazine, and non-fiction articles in the Collie Cassette Magazine and the online ‘Nature Journal.’

An accomplished musician, Guthrie sang in opera companies in Europe and the United States, and is a cantor at Church of the Holy Family in Park Forest, Illinois. 

Being an avid animal lover and advocate, she owns a horse (Dixie) and two black kitties (Archie and Kitzie Kitty.) At one time, she had four collies who all knew how to line up in a row and “sit-stay.” (she has the photos to prove it.) Pat’s shown horses in Quarter Horse and local horse shows and collies in ‘obedience’ classes at dog shows.

You can find her books on Amazon.com, other online booksellers, and her publishers’ sites.

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