Why I Choose to be an #Indie #Author #RRBC #RWISA

This is by Nonnie Jules, president of Rave Reviews Book Club. (RRBC) As a writer, I work with a small publisher. I suppose that includes me on the “Indie” list. That’s fine with me. Like Beem, ‘I’m proud to be an Indie.’ I know how hard it is to write, format, create a book cover and MARKET your books. This reblog is going in my blog and on Facebook.


The main reason is INDEPENDENCE.  I remember as a child dreaming of becoming a writer.  As I got older with a bit more knowledge under my belt, I dreamed of one day becoming a published author.  After having read many stories of how authors were rejected over and over again, and how hard it was to break into the publishing business, after a while, the thought completely left my mind.

Then one day (later in my life), I read an article about a self-published author who had become a New York Times Bestseller.  I’ve told the story before of how I reached out to her, how we communicated back and forth until I got to the part about her sharing with me her secrets, then all conversation came to a screeching halt (another reason there is now RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB, where support and non-competition are both high priorities)…that’s…

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