WELCOME TO THE NEW COTTAGE OF BLOG where the coffee’s always brewing and the blueberry muffins are hot. Look for: Rave Reviews Book Club (RRBC) RWISA, LSP Digital, Word Press.


Do you think it will EVER come? Must be. The sign says so.

Welcome to the new Cottage of Blog. pexels-photo-454880.jpeg

Welcome everyone to the new (and hopefully) improved Cottage of Blog, where you can pour yourself a cup of coffee and help yourself to a blueberry muffin. Let’s talk writing. 
What kind of a writer are you? What’s your genre and why did you pick it?
Are you a seat of the pantzer? Or, are you the organizational type? When I started writing back in the days when I didn’t know what a point of view was, I didn’t want my creativity boxed in by outlines.
As I grew in the craft, I started to understand that for me to keep my head on straight, I had to create characterizations and outlines. I hold character-type auditions where I pick out people (usually actors) who look like the image I’m trying to portray. Does it work? For the most part, yes. I love to write character journals where they expound on their “trial by fire” journeys. Do I always use this method? No. Do I always write the outlines at that precise moment? No, but I have found that this hones in my characters ‘attributes. I don’t get their eye colors wrong in chapter 25 and I don’t have them wavering in their attitudes (unless it’s a growth move). As soon as I get the characters fixed in my mine (and on paper) I go for the plot. The characters have already told me what their goals, motivations and conflicts are, so the plot I (sort of) forge ahead by the seat of my pants. 
What kind of writer are you?
I write romantic suspense and mystery. Why? Maybe because it’s what I love to read. I love making up and solving murders all by myself.  It’s what takes me on a vacation, even if just for a little while. Besides, I can’t seem to stop one of my characters chasing another character for some reason or other. 
Subjects? You’ll usually find horses (In the Arms of the Enemy) or dogs (Waterlilies over My Grave) roaming in my stories somewhere. And I love psychological drama. (Waterlilies Over My Grave) and the paranormal (Legacy of Danger.) 
What are your favorite topics to write about? 

Please share. I’ll be waiting.


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