Setting up my first blog: Oh the joys.

I’ve written blogs before, but none that I’ve ever wanted to continue. I wrote when I had something I or someone I knew had something they wanted to blog about—like a blog tour. I love hosting blog tours. 

I found as soon as I started getting following, I’d leave for a while and I wouldn’t have any readers. Understandable. 

First with Yahoo, that was horrendous to try to set up and to keep up. I’d keep losing posts or sections/pages of the menu. I changed to Wix for my website and Blogger for my blog spot. Still, I couldn’t keep myself going. Why? I figured it out. Nobody ever commented, or, I believe, ever read it. I’ve had similar complaints by other writers. 

So, I’ve decided to expand. My new blog is a web/log. I can use it as a blog or as a website, as I choose. Love the concept. I’ve upgraded my menu. There’s: About me, articles, books, short stories, book reviews, pictures, poems, blogs and a contact me page. Lots of opportunities for others to contribute.

I’m still fiddling around with how to do all this. I think I’m learning. You’ll find articles, poems and some other things already up.

By the way, how do you like my Writing Cottage? It’s right by the water. It’s also virtual. You won’t finding me living there, but as I love cottages, I’ll dream about it a lot. 

Why not take a peek?









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