Diabetes, You and Me

I thought this might be a great platform to bring up the very scary  non-fiction topic of Diabetes. Two major diabetic groups Type 1 diabetes, usually starts at birth—your pancreas doesn’t work very well  and Type 2 diabetes, onsets later in life.  The former you’ll probably need insulin, the latter, medication and diet control. For me, the diet control is the worst. I have a constant craving for sweets of all kinds.

Results from cheating:  Today, my blood sugar spiked, then went down, then spiked again. I take Metformin, and so far it’s kept my levels at just a bit high, but pretty much normal. Today it went from 192 am  to 240 to 340 420 and now down to 221.  All in one day. Yes, yes, doctor’s visit tomorrow. It’s never fluctuated like that.

For you diabetics, there’s lots of information you can get over the Internet, but these are some things you should know.


My symptoms: These started several years ago. The doctors diagnosed me with pre-diabetes. Nothing to worry about. Really? That’s how it starts for most diabetics.

Sometimes I couldn’t hold the brush to groom Dixie (my horse.) I was carrying on, when, oops, the brush slipped out of my hand and landed two or three stalls down. My toes tingled, my skin itched esp. the scalp (and yes, I scratched it)  and my right arm shows pin pricks all over. Then, the fatigue set in. Naps have become a staple in my afternoon activities.And, there’s the dizzy spells. Usual activities of riding, writing, reading, singing kind of hard.

Why is this happening?  Cheating on my diet.

Diet:  That will come in a future (maybe even tomorrow) blog post.

Need to know: Diet, prognosis for a diabetic, can I cheat? Diabetes is nothing to play around with. No kidding. Keep a watch over your blood sugar. (I’m not really that bad, except for today)

Now that I’ve cheered you up,







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