Excerpt from Willed Accidents Happen, a short story of mystery.


Willed Accidents Happen

By Patricia A. Guthrie

Life sucked.

Michael Ryan trudged along First Avenue and counted the latest catastrophes.

Cars hurled themselves into his path and subway trains tried to suck him off the platform. His patient, Jeffrey Ridgeway had a psychotic break and decided Michael was spawned by the devil, and his girlfriend of eight-years broke off their engagement.

What the hell else could happen?

Heavy snowflakes fell so thick, they almost obliterated the street lights. On the sidewalk, someone knocked into Michael, and he slipped on a patch of ice. As he slid, he caught hold of a parking meter, regained his balance, slipped again and this time hung on. He breathed a sigh of relief. Only the treads on his boots saved him from falling into the rush hour traffic.

As he stepped onto the first concrete step and descended into the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Subway Station, he glimpsed at the mass of bodies that pushed behind him. Someone jostled his side, and Michael, treads or no treads, lost his footing. He grasped for the iron railing, but somebody else came between Michael and the steel bar. His arms flailed and he groped the air as he went down feet first.

With no one in front to stop his fall, he bumped down the steps, banged into the center rail and rolled the last few steps into commuters who streamed out from a train. A woman standing at the bottom caught his fall and tumbled on top of him as he came to a stop.

First excerpt from Willed Accidents Happen Hope you like it and decide to read the whole story. Willed Accidents is on sale at Amazon.com and soon to be on other online book sites as well. Enjoy.




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