Today I was on RRBC”RaveWaves”Blog Talk Radio promoting WATERLILIES OVER MY GRAVE.

Good afternoon.

Exciting morning! I was on #RRBC”RaveWaves”BlogTalkRadio.  #RRBCSpotlightHonors.

Rave Reviews Book Club has many enticing features for its flock. The club encourages members to promote fellow RRBC authors, holds contests, hosts an annual writing conference. Many great knowledgeable authors fill the RRBC halls with lots of new ideas.  There’s the Book of the Month, Spotlight Author of the Month, a twice-a-month Push Tuesday where members promote a chosen member’s book on social media. One of the best  for promotions and to boost self-esteem is its blog radio. RRBC hosts 30 minute radio programs: RRBCAspiretoInspire, BehindthePen, BeyondtheCover, BringontheSpotlight, BuytheBook, RatersnotHaters, SpotlightHonors.

I’ve learned a myriad of things through RRBC. The main bugaboo of my writing is EDITING. Funny, if I’ve ever given any advice on anything to any writer, is that they EDIT THEIR WORK. I’m working on my own.

I hope you’ll take a look at their website:

Thought for the day:  Come join us.

Happy reading and writing. (you can forego the arithmetic.)

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