Website moving right along

Websites, websites, websites. I’ve discovered I could do a lot better in the website department. I’d LIKE (notice the capitals) to put more time and energy into the trends of the day, book reviews, articles about writing, animals, music, authors, and my book club: Rave Reviews Book Club.



I’m not contributing to my website at the moment, because I’m restructuring the site–along with Blue Host.

I’m hoping to have something new every week:  book reviews, articles, other authors, my works, music and horses and animals.  And, other stuff (maybe even my take on politics.) At least, make it interesting and fun for people to read.

Today, I have a meeting with Blue Host and I’ll find out where we stand. Meanwhile, I’ve been engrossed with watching the senate hearings, movies, documentaries, reading books, playing with my cats and riding Dixie (horse).

Is there ever enough hours in a day? 




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