What is All Saints Day?

Halloween is a day where, they say, the dead, undead and the restless departed rise from the grave and settle back down sometime after midnight.  But, what happens after that?

“All Saints Day is also known as All Hallows Day, Hallowmas, the Feast of All Saints–a Christian festival celebrated in honor of all the saints known and unknown. (Wikipedia).”  The Christians celebrate by services and masses–a day of remembrance for the souls of the dearly departed. Pope Boniface IV inaugurated the original Holy Day on May 13, 609 AD. (Anyone remember?) The Pope consecrated the Pantheon in Rome in honor of the Virgin Mary, stripping out the statues of Roman Gods to honor Christians persecuted by the empire.

All Souls Day falls on November 2nd, shows our respect for loved ones gone before us to heaven and to Purgatory. (Did you know that?)

I thought this might be interesting for you. I sing in the choir, so I’m going to our service tonight. Not sure I’ve ever been to one before.

Photo of the Parthenon

Have a great day.

ancient building

Photo by Domantas Klimas on Pexels.com

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