Megaladon: Jaws on steroids

Have you heard of a megaladon? No? Me either. Until recently. I read and watched the movie TheMeg and am now reading Megaladon by Scott Skipper. Not finished, so no review yet. I can say, I’m enjoying this book and don’t think I’d ever like to meet the main character. 

A megaladon is a prehistoric, gigantic shark (with a tooth size around 7 inches long) back from billions of years ago. Thought to be extinct, now scientists are not sure.  He/she can grow to 60 to 70 feet. It can swallow a school of Great Whites and their favorite meal is whale. Interesting stuff.  

(above is a Great White Shark. Couldn’t find a Megaladon. Maybe I’ll have some luck. If I do, I’ll change it. Off to finish,”Megaladon” by Scott Skipper, member of Rave Reviews Book Club.)


MEGALADON  12/4/18

By Scott Skipper

Megalodon is simply Jaws on steroids.

And true, as one crewman took from the novel “Jaws,” the salvage crew will need a bigger boat. Maybe a 100 ft tanker. (fishing boat? I’m no fisherman) 

Let’s see: We have Jaws on steroids meets Jonah and his whale.  I would not like to run into the main character, a pregnant megalodon named Megan.

This is about a salvage expedition hunting a megalodon, finding it, getting all kinds of trouble with border and water patrols vs. another team who love megalodons and wants to preserve them in the wild. Two romantic pairs drink too much and pursue other activities while on board. Dangerous if a megalodon happens to surface and wants to feed on fishing boats.

There was one scene when one of the girls (knowledgeable scientist) gets swallowed whole and finds her knife comes in handy when trying to get out of a dark, scary place. (the inside of a huge shark.) 

This book is a cross between light fiction (not light situations) and a documentary on fishing and shark behaviors. I loved that part.

The book, I found it a bit shallow. The characters could have more depth and show us their innermost feelings, hurts, and desires. The editing was well-done. I think I found one editorial mistake. Unfortunately, I can’t remember where it was.

Good luck with this book. I gave it four stars.  Had trouble putting it down. 

Reviewer:  Patricia A. Guthrie

3 thoughts on “Megaladon: Jaws on steroids

    • Found a few photos of a megaladon. Question. There was a photo of a megaladon on a pier with a group of humans surrounding him. If he’s supposed to be extinct, and if these books are works of fiction, How in the world did this happen?


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