Book Review: Tequilla Rose; Virginity Blues

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Patricia A. Guthrie

December 21, 2018

Book Review of

Tequilla Rose; Virginity Blues
Wendy Jayne

What a fun story—especially, if you’ve ever been too drunk to fall out of bed in the morning.
Tequilla Rose has had an exquisite drinking binge the night before.

Next morning:

Star bursts of pain needled through my alcohol-marinated brain cells. My desiccated tongue flapped inside my mouth like a beached dolphin struggling for the tide line. Siliva bound my check to the pillow case.”
Oh my goodness. What a delightful way to explain a hangover.

Rose gets her nick-name Tequilla Rose from her drinking binges started when her boyfriend dumped her. The previous night, she’d pole-danced (fully clothed) at a local nightclub. She keeps onlookers constantly entertained at her own expense.

This short story takes us through a short period of her life when she meets a man she’d had an encounter with the previous night. She can’t remember his name or him, but he brought her back something she’d left. Then—he leaves—and she decides he’s the new love of her life.

When her best friend sets her up at a speed dating meeting, reluctantly she goes. There he is. Jack. She thinks she’s finally found her new forever boyfriend, but he hangs around with the local drug dealer.

Find out what happens between Rose and Jack. Is he a drug dealer? Or is he something else, entirely?

I gave this five stars. Well written. Loved the story. Kept me entertained and laughing.

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