NEW BLOG: Weather Tips

House drive way at night wind whipping up

Yep. A repeat snow storm.  Can hardly wait.  What will you do during our next storm?

A snow blower?  Wish I had one. I still have my old trusty snow shovel parked outside my front door. 

When to shovel or blow?  I usually shovel every half hour or so. It makes life easier and the snow isn’t so heavy.  It is, however, wet and cold.  For me, the simplest way to push the snow to the side is — push the snow to the side. Slide it to the edge of the driveway then pickup and throw.  Be careful if you have heart problems. 

What to eat?  I stock up on food for at least a week. As I shop for a month at a time (saves on trips to the grocery store) my ‘frig is full. Lots of comfort food, tea (Earl Grey) coffee (Folgers) and hot chocolate. 

What to wear?  Well, warm is key.  I like to layer. Tee shirt I wear during the summer, followed by a jersey followed by a warm sweatshirt, sweater, whatever.  Then the winter coat, hat and GLOVES. Don’t forget the gloves. I did once. Not good.  

What about your animals?  Keep them inside. Period. Let them snuggle up against you. Keep an area outside for your dogs to go potty and get them in as quick as possible. If they’re long coated dogs, they might appreciate playing in the snow. DON’T keep them outdoors over night. This comes from a long time owner of collies–me. While you’re at the local feed store, grocery store or wherever you get your dog or cat food, stock up.  That would go for your horses, too. Lots of hay,  grain and access to water.  At a boarding barn, those needs would be met. Make sure they are. Some facilities are better than others.  

I’m sure these tips aren’t ones you haven’t heard before. 

Chicago area is supposed to get 12″, according to WGN forcast. If you rather hear another report, go to The Weather Channel or any other weather channel.  They come in a variety of snowfall totals, wind chill indexes and how-long it will last. 

God speed. 



Dixie says “hi.” 



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