Brrr. Just Brrr.

Reading: And there was War in Heaven by Marie Hunter Atwood. Member of RRBC.

Watching on Amazon Prime: Great Books Courses, “The Black Death.”  Wow! 

It’s COLD here, in the Midwest. I believe zero was the last number and that wasn’t wind chill.  Be careful out there.  Do wear: Warm hat, gloves, layered clothing, warm boots and don’t, for heaven sake, stick your tongue on a flagpole.  (A Christmas Story.) 

I’m staying as toasty warm as possible at home.  Every so often I look at LEGACY OF DANGER and think what a perfect time it would be to finish the editing. Did I mention how much I hate editing? As a writer, I should probably get used to it. Anyway, I’m doing another worthwhile thing.  I’m blogging. To you. Right now. And, eating breakfast while I type. 

One thing I love to do is share other writers’ works on my blog. I think exchange exposure is a good thing. It helps out the other author, you and, oh yes, me. 

I’m starting RWISA University soon.  I’m improving my writing skills. Nothing more on that. I haven’t started yet. 

As a reader and/or writer, I suggest you follow Rave Reviews Book Club  With about five hundred members, they can post their books on RRBC Catalog.  Members share books with social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others,) and hopefully, other members share your books with them too.  Take a look and say “Pat sent me.” 

That’s all for now.  I’m going to search out LEGACY OF DANGER and see what damage I can correct and what good stuff I can mess up.  Heh, heh. 



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