The Cat Who Wanted A Dog by Micki Peluso

True story of a cat who wants his own little dog but is in for a big surprise Hi boys and girls, I’m Toby, a handsome cat if I say so myself. I do whatever I want but Grandma and Grandpa think they own me! My favorite thing is to take Grandma’s shiny jewelry and hide it. Grandpa is still looking for his favorite pen. I have one friend, Casey, a wild cat who lives outside but she tells me through the screen door about the outside world. I was a happy, cool cat until—well, read what I wrote about the day Grandma invited the ‘Monster’ to visit. Yikes!
And Kids, please try to color in the lines when you color me. I am a bit fussy about my hair. When you read the book you’ll find out why!!!
Here’s what I look like in real life. I’m also a doctor. Cat’s purring causes sound waves that heal us and our human and animal friends. I even make house calls. I can sense when an animal or dog is sick. Grandma things that’s pretty cool but Granpa says we are both crazy.

September 10, 2016

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

on January 13, 2017 ebook &: Paperback|Verified Purchase 5 stars

6 thoughts on “The Cat Who Wanted A Dog by Micki Peluso

  1. Hi, Pat. So happy to find Micki’s awesome little book on your blog. Thanks for adding my review. I sent “The Cat Who Wanted a Dog” to my grandson in New Mexico and he’s enjoyed it as much as I have. A terrific for Grands to enjoy together. Lots of fun and book talk chatter points in this one. ❤ Go Micki Peluso! xo


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