Suzanna Burke

From missing cast members to murders to love and romance, this story can’t be beaten. Oscar-winner, producer, and director James Kincaid is worried.  His wife has just died. Now, his star performer for his new movie is found dead in his trailer. Others come up missing or dead.

James hires ex-detective Andi O’Connor to sort out the many crimes against James and his friends and co-workers. There are many. What starts out as one develops into many for Andi and what starts as a purely professional relationship turns into something much more profound. What starts out as an LA problem soon turns national to New York and serial killings.

Andi must sort out who the key players are and how they fit into the scheme of multiple murders.

This is a story that takes you from light and funny to dark and horrid. The characters are realistic and develop as the story develops. They’re compelling.

For me, I couldn’t put this book down. It took me a day.

I’ve read other works by Suzanna Burke and had the same reaction to her other books.

I recommend this highly. Five stars for me.

Patricia A. Guthrie


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