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Waterlilies Over My Grave re-release 2022 Published by #Freshinkgroup 

(First edition 2008 published by Light Sword Publishing) 

“You can run, but you can’t hide” in this psychological romantic suspense from Patricia A. Guthrie.

In a spiraling fall into obsessive madness, psychiatrist Duncan Byrne vows revenge against his ex-wife for divorcing him. When she leaves New York, he reflects, “You can run, but you can’t hide.”

Psychologist, Annabelle O’Brien begins a new life in the popular resort town of Lake Nager, hoping to find peace and normality. But anonymous threats follow, and Annie finds herself terrorized by a stalker.

Burned-out Detective Mark Driscoll detests the new psychologist who recommends he take time off. How dare she? But when somebody threatens her life, slashes her tires, ransacks her apartment, and kills her cat, Mark spends his mandated furlough playing bodyguard.

Annie and Mark don’t count on falling in love; something neither wants, but both need. Nor do they consider women resembling Annie murdered.

And the people in the beautiful resort town of Lake Nager live in fear. 


A Review 

on April 29, 2009  (FIRST EDITION) 
This is a great “guilty pleasure” by the pool read for the summer. The story is fast-paced, suspenseful, and twinged with just enough sexual tension between the main characters to keep a tasteful erotic edge. It would make a great nail-biting, suspense flick some day…or a run-off story line for Desperate Housewives. It would be along the intensity of Sleeping with the Enemy, if the ex-husband was more like Hannibal Lecter… good, creepy, flesh-crawling fun.



Eerie Charms EBOOK COVER Draft 01, GuthrieFANTASY, MYSTERY& HORROR (and the poem “Razz Upon the Sheep) 

Published by #Freshinkgroup  

A snake decides the fate of the world, a slot machine decides who wins and who loses, a nasty little girl gets her comeuppance from the toys she once destroyed, a malevolent fairy dances men to death, a couple can’t find their way out of a major train station, an author gets revenge on his writing group pals, a dog show judge drops dead at a dog show, accidents befall a psychiatrist—but were they accidents?

These and many other eerie delights aim to please, delight, and terrify you. Enjoy your dark and stormy night.




Elena Dkany inherits her family’s castle in Romania, a land dipped in myths, folklore, and the legendary walking dead. The local proverb serves as warning: “Do not speak badly of the Devil, because you cannot know to whom you will belong.” When she’s attacked by an international assassin, only her deceased husband and her ex-boyfriend’s live presence can protect her on her journey to the mountainous region of Transylvania. But that’s not the only problem troubling Elena. Who is that boy invading her dreams? And what really happened to a priceless gem-crusted silver cross buried by an earthquake in the fifteenth century? Who’s stalking Elena? Who wants her dead and why?

Published by #Freshinkgroup  

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          Cross on Mountain                               Damaged Castle                                      Ghost






IN THE ARMS Press Release


Stir up: Horses, romance, insurance fraud, and murder, and you’ll get In the Arms of the Enemy, a romantic suspense novel by Patricia A. Guthrie.

When law enforcement fails him, horseman Adam Blakely goes undercover to search for a killer.

Maggie McGregor leaves the tumultuous world of horse racing determined to never train again until a handsome boarder moves his horse into her father’s barn. And that’s when the accidents begin.

Maggie and Adam find themselves drowning in an ocean of deception and lies. They need to uncover an insurance scam so insidious it could rock the foundations of an established horse racing empire and bring the killer too close to home.

Come join us as we figure out who’s running this dastardly scheme and what they’ll do about it.


IN THE ARMS OF THE ENEMY is dedicated to those horses lost to man’s greed and inhumanity and to those humanitarians who make it their mission to save and protect them.


Amazon Reviewer: “In the Arms of the Enemy by Patricia A. Guthrie grabbed my attention because of the horses and the racing. I am a great fan of Dick Francis and wondered how Ms. Guthrie would fare in the comparison. I need not have worried. The opening is explosive, clutching both heart and brain before even a few pages are read. Here is a writer in control of her craft and she seizes the reader’s emotion right from line one. Great writing; great characterization; and all effortless.

Like Dick Francis, she knows her horses, her racing , and the characters that inhabit that world. She brings us into their milieu, into the color, into the glamour and into the dark side that so often lurks on the fringes of this world.

The story is suspenseful and nicely plotted, although there was scope here for a longer book. I had not fully considered the genre when I purchased the book and, when in the midst of attempts on Maggie’s life, masked intruders wielding knives, and general mayhem, the novel morphs suddenly into erotic romance, I have to confess I was a bit startled. Yes, I discovered later that the book is classified as ‘suspenseful romance’ so I should not have been surprised but this is not a genre that I would normally favor. That is just my own predilection, however, and is no reflection on the writer. I have to say that for the most part she focuses on the thriller/mystery element of her story and does so to the reader’s satisfaction. The climax is suspense-filled and exciting and, although I would have to question how foolishly both Maggie and Adam walked into very obvious traps, the ending romps home to a classy finish. Dick Francis fans will enjoy this book. So, too, will readers of suspenseful romance. And I enjoyed it very much. So will you.” The Professor, Amazon Reviewer  


Willed Accidents Happen is a psychological suspense short story found in EERIE CHARMS OF THE SHORT STORY. 

Psychiatrist Michael Ryan’s life is spinning out of control.

Cars accelerate as he crosses New York City streets. Subway trains try to suck him off the platform during rush hour. A van on the New York State Thruway veers out of control, and Michael nearly dives into a fifty-foot ravine.

He trips and falls down a long flight of concrete steps into the New York City Transit System into the arms of the beautiful Allie Andrews who insists these incidents are no mere accidents.

Is Michael becoming accident prone, or is someone trying to hurl him into the hereafter?

That’s when Michael’s psychotic patient Jeffrey Ridgeway walks out of the hospital with a phony orderly and when his nightmares really begin.

Willed Accidents Happen is a short story of mystery and suspense sprinkled with some humanity and humor and an ex-fiancee who doesn’t want to marry him, but doesn’t want anyone else to have him either.

A Review

Amazon Reviewer Jeffrey Von Glahn:  “Quite an engaging read. The writing is crisp. Each sentence carries the narrative forward. Dialogue is abundant and lively. One suspenseful episode flows into another. All the characters have a well-defined role. A 5 star on all counts.”



 Second edition of Legacy of Danger, a paranormal romantic suspense with a run-down castle in Romania, a hero and heroine, a ghost, international hit-men, heroine and a non-nondescript boy in a dream. 

Sinaia_02_use_in_Legacy_1024x768_-591x423stock-photo-mystic-apparition-of-a-ghost-in-an-old-castle-160978772Dover Castle, Dover, England





Matt’s Murder, a mystery set in horse country. Note: No horses die during this story. People? Yes! Horses? No!