Book Review: The Long Walk Home by D.L. Finn

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Patricia A. Guthrie

December 19, 2018

Kinzie’s fiance breaks up with her and is scheduled to marry her best friend, Joy, on Christmas, the same day as Kinzie’s wedding. What’s worse, someone tries to run her down and it appears to be her ex-fiance. What would be the point? He’s already gotten what he wanted.
But,wait, there’s more. It appears that Joy’s now fiance has dumped her, too. She, too, has had a close call on the snowy and slippery roadways.
Enter two guardian angels assigned to protect Kinzy, and they hover. Can Joy and Kinzie’s friendship heal? How about that homeless kitty that keeps Kinzie from killing herself in the cold and snow?
I loved this story. Couple of tears, couple of lumps in my throat and the story was over, before I knew it.
Well written.

I do have one gripe. We find out what happens to the antagonist of the story. But, it’s told as an after thought. I would have liked to see the destructive nature of the perpetrator, and how the police caught him. I think it needed more elaboration and closer. Maybe a part two?

3 thoughts on “Book Review: The Long Walk Home by D.L. Finn

  1. Thanks for the review Patricia:) Glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for being honest on how you felt about the ending. I know Thomas and Olive will return at some point. Merry Christmas!


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